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I was attracted by the size and liberal arts focus at William & Mary. I grew up down the road in Richmond and always thought I would go to a different Virginia school, but I chose W&M because I liked the idea of being taught by professors who I could get to know, rather than by graduate students.

I lived in Switzerland during part of high school, and enjoyed the experience of making friends from different countries, as well as being immersed in another language and culture.  I was seeking the same experience when I chose to study abroad during my time at the College, and was rewarded with a wonderful experience in Grenoble, France.  It also didn’t hurt that one of my best friends from W&M was in the same program. This made it easier when I returned to Williamsburg because I often felt that I had experienced so much during one semester, and grown and changed substantially as a person.  Sometimes it felt difficult to relate these changes to my friends who had not been with me. The friend who had been in France with me became my roommate and we shared an understanding about what it had been like to be away, to have had fantastic experiences, and now to be back home together in Williamsburg.

I chose to go abroad again for a postgraduate degree in France, where I earned a Master’s degree in Political Science from l’Institut d’Etudes Politiques de Paris (Sciences Po) in 2004.  I have since lived and worked in New Delhi, India, for a technology oriented venture capital fund. In September I moved to Zurich, Switzerland, where I started an alternative investment research business focused on India.

International education made a tremendous difference in my experience at W&M, as well as in my pursuit of a very internationally oriented career.  I have a great love for the College and we decided to donate the Clark Campbell scholarship to enrich the experiences of international students there.

My time at W&M was one of the best in my life, including my time away while studying abroad.  I would encourage every student at W&M to study abroad for at least a semester, and to encourage a friend to go with them! 

Tim Campbell studied abroad in Grenoble, France in 1997. He graduated from William & Mary in 1998 with a degree in Economics. Tim married fellow W&M alum Odette Clark ‘00 in 2004 and together they donated the Clark Campbell Scholarship which provides financial support for international students undertaking un-funded summer internships in the U.S. The first recipient was honored in spring 2011.

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