‘W&M Is A Microcosm of America’s Great Qualities’

I am very fortunate to be afforded the opportunity to pursue graduate studies at an amazing institution: The College of William & Mary. Similar to my undergraduate experience, I did not visit William & Mary prior to enrollment. While basing important decisions on instinct or a “gut” feeling may not be best, I am yet to be disappointed with the results. This decision was not made solely on instinct, however. I also relied on the wisdom of W&M’s representatives to highlight the positives, and explain how I would fit in based on what they learned from my application. One representative, Dr. Eric Jensen, Director of the Thomas Jefferson Program in Public Policy (TJPPP), took a personalized approach in communicating with me. He convinced me that the program and William & Mary were a great collective match for me. My continued presence at W&M means that the representatives did a terrific job!

It is in my nature to help. It does not matter who, what, why, or when. I will always try my best to assist someone when asked; sometimes, even when not asked! A pleasant surprise at W&M, particularly for a school with such a large student population, is everyone’s willingness to help. This eagerness applies to professors, office staff, campus services, career services, and students, all of whom are integral to W&M’s daily life. My professors at the TJPPP are the main reason for my newfound interest in health issues and policy. Perhaps an even more pleasant surprise is the willingness of W&M’s large alumni base to assist students by providing advice about internships and careers, networking, and the paths they took after graduating from William & Mary. These alumni work all across the country, and in a wide range of organizations. Being America’s second-oldest institution of higher education brings unique perks! Someday, I hope to “pay it forward” as a W&M alumnus, by helping students in the same way alumni were willing to assist me.

To me, William & Mary is a microcosm of America’s great qualities: beauty, diversity, and the best and the brightest. The College of William & Mary is more than just a school. It is an environment with great traditions, culture, and a story to tell. I know that future generations will continue to listen.

Jeremie Amoroso was born and raised in Trinidad & Tobago. He earned his bachelors’ degree from the University of The South (Sewanee, TN) in economics with honors. Prior to attending Sewanee, he worked for CLICO (Trinidad) Limited, an insurance company. Jeremie is currently pursuing a Master of Public Policy at the College of William & Mary’s Thomas Jefferson Program in Public Policy. His interests include health-related policy, finance, research, and consulting.

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