The Genius from Taiwan

The Genius from Taiwan

Peter Wang is a man of many talents. A 2nd year MBA, this genius from Taiwan recently granted a glimpse into his life. Enjoy!

Q: What does Shih-Ji mean? And which do you prefer we call you, Peter or Shih-Ji?
PW: “世Shih” is from my family tree. Only quite a few Chinese families keep using family tree to name their children. If I have children in the future, the second word of my kids’ name will be “克Ke”. “驥Ji” means a thousand mile horse.

According to my parents, they wanted my brother and me to be like thousand-mile horses, with the ability to run for long distances to finish our goals and dreams.I know my name is hard to pronounce so I use an English name to introduce   myself here. Interestingly enough, Peter is a very common name in Taiwan but I could not find any other Peter in Mason.

Q: What is your area of concentration?
PW: I am concentrating in supply chain management (SCM). While working in a billion dollar Semiconductor Company, I realized that product delivery is the key to maintaining good customer relationships and I found this area of business very interesting. Secondly, I am an introvert and I believe SCM fits my personality.

Q: You are one of the 2nd year students heading to Thunderbird in January. Can you tell us about this?
PW: Thunderbird has high reputation for its international business, which I have a strong interest in. William and Mary is located in Virginia the eastern side of U.S. I know that there are many differences between eastern and western U.S. I believe I can experience more if I take the chance to go to Thunderbird.

Q: What has been the best part of your Mason experience so far?
PW: The best part of my Mason experience is that I got many best friends from other countries. Maybe most of the people who read this article would think that Peter who never goes to social networking events, why would he say so? The reason I don’t go to these events is that I am not good at starting conversations. However, I have been able to make loads of friends outside the social circuit and who have been able to accept Peter as he is. Dami is a very good example.

Q: Haha…I am glad! So tell us, is there any event you are looking forward to before leaving Mason?
PW: I wish I could go crabbing again before I leave here. Nowadays it is very hard to find a place for crabbing in my hometown. I had a lot of fun crabbing with our classmates.

Q: How different is Williamsburg from your hometown? What do you miss most about Taiwan?
PW: I believe that most of international students miss the food. Taiwan is famous for the food and night markets. I miss the Oyster thin noodles, Stinky tofu, Taiwanese meatballs, etc…..

Q: What is your favorite place in the United States?
PW: I love every place where I can enjoy the time with my friends.

Q: Do you have any special plans for the winter break that you would like to share with us?
PW: As you know, I am moving to Arizona for my new life. The class in Thunderbird will be starting in the middle of January. I believe it’s better for my wife and me to go there to know the environment earlier. So my plan in winter break will be moving from VA to AZ. If we have more time, we will take a west side trip, from LA to San Francisco.

Thank you, Peter. We will miss you and all the knowledge you shared with us. Best of luck at Thunderbird and thereafter.

*Reprinted with permission from the Mason School of Business

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