International Students and Scholars Visit DC

On October 26, 2012, Dr. Pamela Eddy, Associate Professor at William & Mary’s School of Education led a group of students on a trip to Washington D.C.  The trip was part of Dr. Eddy’s EPPL 601 Educational Policy: Development and Analysis class.  International doctoral students in the  class include Duna Alkhudhair (Kuwait), Tehmina Khwaja (Pakistani), Young Eun Son (Korea), and Jingzhu Zhang (China).  Joining the class trip were visiting scholars Zheng Fang (China), Aliaksandr Kalbaska (Lituania), and Yongjun Zha (China).  The visit included meetings with  leaders at several government offices and meetings with policymakers. The trip was very informative for the international students and scholars as it gave them an opportunity to visit directly with U. S. policymakers and witness firsthand venues where the process of educational policy formation occurs.  During the trip the students and scholars visited the William & Mary, Washington D.C. office, the Department of Education and the House of Representatives where they met officers who apprised them of the policymaking process.  As Tehmina Khwaja one of the students reflected on the trip, “It was a very valuable experience, to not only meet with the people who are actual actors in the educational policymaking process but also to see the physical ‘corridors of power’ and how the symbolism of the settings and body language of the officers communicate much more than what is said.”


Pictured left to right:  Tehmina Khwaja, EPPL doctoral and Fulbright student; Aliaksandr Kalbaska, visiting scholar Lithuania; Zheng Fang, visiting scholar China; Jingzhu Zhang, EPPL doctoral student ; Dr. Pamela Eddy, Associate Professor, School of Education; Yongjun Zha, visiting scholar China; Young Eun Son, EPPL doctoral student; and Duna Alkhudhair, EPPL doctoral student.


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