I Want to Ride My Bicycle

I biked in Copenhagen!!! Granted, it was only from the bike shop around the corner back to my home on Store Kannikestraede, but still I biked!  I was going very slowly and definitely had a ridiculous look on my face.  I was also saying much too loudly…”I’M BIKING AND I’M IN COPENHAGEN!! I FEEL SO IMMERSED!”  Because that’s what immersed people say, right?

Perhaps more importantly, today was my first day of classes.  I dropped three classes for three other classes today, so my schedule is still a bit confusing.  BUT here are the classes I had today:

European Sustainable Development:
This is my core course.  My professor is the most Danish Danish woman I can think of and she’s clearly very smart.  I’m looking forward to getting to know my classmates and my professor better over the next few weeks and especially during core course week!

Danish Language and Culture:
After just one day I can already say things like, “Hi my name is Tracy. I come from America.  I live on Store Kannikestraede in Copenhagen. I study English.”  Don’t ask me to type these simple phrases in Danish, because the tricky thing is that written Danish looks NOTHING like spoken Danish.

Environmental Economics:
This is a pretty big class and the professor is a little intimidating.  Seems like this might be my most difficult class because there are 3 scheduled exams and lots of legitimate information to understand.  Still excited about it though!

In case I haven’t already made it clear, I don’t have class on Fridays. I have informally declared that Friday will be ADVENTURE DAYYY.  On adventure day, I pledge to never ever do homework and to always go out and do something fun in CPH.  Tomorrow, I have big plans to go to Carlsberg brewery for a tour (and some beers) with two of my housemates.










This is the entrance to my home and my new silver bike!








Me, cheesin’ on my bike.









My roommate Joanna and housemate Devon cheesin’ with their bikes.


*Re-printed with Tracy’s permission from her blog, CWTOPCH

304470_3739877010678_1908533954_n-e1357715665956Tracy Brinkerhoff ’14 is spending her Spring 2013 semester in Copenhagen, Denmark.  She is an English major and an Economics minor with a strong interest in sustainability.  I enjoy a chai latte, a good novel, and a warm cat.  I can’t imagine what my life would be like without dance.  I’m a member of Orchesis Modern Dance Company and Chi Omega Sorority.

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