Gotta Get Down on Friday (in Copenhagen)

I finally bought a pair of legitimately warm boots.  I can feel my toes for the first time since arriving in Copenhagen.  I wanted to get a pair of Danish looking boots sooo I might have bought the same exact ones my European Sustainable Development professor wears on the reg…

I went to Christiania yesterday on an assignment for my Dynamic Project Leadership class with three of my classmates.  My group was supposed to interview this vegan restaurant located in Christiania about their business model and compare it to a model we’re learning about in class.  I won’t tell the full story here, but let’s just say it was an interesting and challenging experience.  I have a sneaky feeling that our professors knew the restaurant was closed for construction until February and that the people who run the restaurant wouldn’t be very willing to talk to us. Christiania was wonderful though- I definitely recommend it to anyone visiting Copenhagen!

Last night, after wandering around the glass markets trying to make a dinner out of free samples, we had an America-themed party in our house.  Our Danish SRAs (social and residential advisors) threw a multi-floor party to encourage house bonding.  We were split into three teams: gangstas, Jersey Shore, and cowboys.  I was pleased I didn’t get Jersey shore.

Eating gelato by a bonfire outside the glass markets.  We know this doesn’t make sense but the gelato was delicious. p.s. check out my new kicks


*Reprinted with Tracy’s permission from her blog, CWTOCPH

304470_3739877010678_1908533954_n-e1357715665956Tracy Brinkerhoff ’14 is spending her Spring 2013 semester in Copenhagen, Denmark.  She is an English major and an Economics minor with a strong interest in sustainability.  I enjoy a chai latte, a good novel, and a warm cat.  I can’t imagine what my life would be like without dance.  I’m a member of Orchesis Modern Dance Company and Chi Omega Sorority.

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