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I went to a Nik & Jay concert. If you don’t know who they are, check out my previous post. The bartender at Vega (a really cool concert venue in Copenhagen) actually asked us why we were at the concert because we were clearly not Danish. Maybe 70% of the songs they sang were in Danish but that didn’t stop us from dancing and having an amazing time. Best concert I’ve been to so far this semester! I also finally sucked it up and got my hair cut for the first time in Copenhagen. I know many people are hesitant to get their hair cut while abroad because it’s not their home salon, but I had a very non-traumatic experience.

I leave tomorrow (at 5am) for Istanbul. Although I have been excited for all 3 travel breaks, I think I am most excited for this one because I will be traveling independently (without DIS). I will be in Istanbul for 4 nights where I will hopefully be able to meet up with two of my friends who are studying abroad there. Then I’m going to Zagreb for one night and seeing BEYONCE at the opening concert of her world tour before 3 days on the beach in Dubrovnik.

Nik & Jay:

img_0142 img_0166 img_0159



*Reprinted with Tracy’s permission from her blog, CWTOCPH

304470_3739877010678_1908533954_n-e1357715665956Tracy Brinkerhoff ’14 is spending her Spring 2013 semester in Copenhagen, Denmark.  She is an English major and an Economics minor with a strong interest in sustainability.  I enjoy a chai latte, a good novel, and a warm cat. I’m a member of Orchesis Modern Dance Company and Chi Omega Sorority.

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