Guest Post Guidelines

Guidelines for Student Guest Posts

International W&M welcomes guest posts from W&M study abroad and international students, including materials reprinted from your personal blogs. The following guidelines will help you prepare to submit your writing.

Tell a story in your post. Think about what scared you, excited you, or made you glad that you traveled far from home. Take us with you on a trip to the grocery store, to a lecture in a different language, as you attend your first Tribe football game or feel the pangs of homesickness. Show us the challenges you faced, and share with us how you overcame them. If you encountered frustrations with cultural norms, explore how you made sense of them. Avoid vague clichés (“it was a breathtaking view”) in favor of specific descriptions. Reflect on your experiences in an honest and respectful manner, and refrain from making negative judgments on cultures or practices simply because they are unfamiliar to you.

Remember that your post should invite open, productive dialogue on a given topic. Do not seek only to incite controversy.

Check your facts, including spelling and translations from or to other languages, prior to submitting your post.

Writing which includes hate speech of any type will not be published.

Profanity and slight variations on profanity are unacceptable.

Inappropriate materials, including but not limited to those discussing or depicting alcohol, drugs, sexual activity, criminal behaviors and/or other risky behavior will not be posted.

After submission of your original writing or reprint, the Reves Center will edit it and return proposed changes for your approval. At that time we will also require a 3 – 4 sentence biography and a headshot to run with your guest post. When we have received all of these materials we will notify you of the date on which your post will be published.

Authors of guest posts always retain rights to their writing and photographs.

The Reves Center for International Studies always reserves the right to refuse publication of student materials that violate these guidelines, and to remove student guest posts for any reason, at any time.

Submissions may be emailed to Kate Hoving, the Reves Center for International Studies’ Communications Manager, at any time.

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